Recipe for Flowers

Wild & Seasonal Flowers | Cornwall


1.) Unwrap your flowers

Remove all the packaging and why not up-cycle the coffee sack wrap all over again? Recycle the cardboard box and the kraft paper.  

2.) trim your stems

Your flowers will have had a big drink before we wrapped them, but need their stems trimmed at a 45 degree angle (it increases surface area) and a large drink in fresh clean water on arrival.  Top tip | ensure your vase / container is super clean, you can even drop a tiny bit of bleach into the fresh water.  It's the bacteria in water which reduces the life of your cut flowers.  


3.) Change the water

If you can do it daily then thats brilliant but try to change the water at least every couple of days.  To keep your flowers as fresh for as long as possible, when a flower expires, just remove it from your vase as this will stop bacteria spreading to other flowers - they'll last a lot longer this way!